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The Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University (SJ GMU) is an interdisciplinary periodical published continuously since 1975, presenting original results of empirical and theoretical research. Research works published in the Journal mainly focus on broadly understood maritime issues, namely topics related to scientific disciplines such as marine automation, electronic and electrical engineering, civil engineering and maritime transport, mechanical engineering, management and quality sciences, and Earth and related environmental sciences (more).

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No. 130 (2024)
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This issue of the GMU Scientific Journal features papers concerning very diverse topics in the domain of management and quality. These can be categorised into three topical blocks: transport management, food and consumer behaviour on the food markets, as well as cosmetic products and the properties of the plant raw materials used in the manufacture of these products.

The first paper was devoted to the current issue of inflation, a matter of importance to society and the economy that affects many societies around the world. Its authors demonstrated a relationship between the export of goods and inflation, while hinting at an inversely proportional dependency between these two variables. It was found that inflation is primarily caused by its own values from the past, whereas the export of goods effectively inhibits inflation.

The next topical block concerns food. The first paper on the topic discusses the importance of the thermal processing of selected fish species on their nutritional value and quality. It was demonstrated that the effect behind the importance depends on the fish species, while the overall best method deemed to provide a meal of good quality is grilling. The next paper on food focuses on the analysis of consumer behaviour towards coffee. Its results demonstrate changes in consumer preferences, with the retention of the drivers determining the choice of coffee products.

The third topical block features three papers which concern the application of various plant-based products in the production of cosmetics. The subject follows the current market and consumer trends of zero waste, sustainability, agerexia, and innovation, which are symptomatic of the topicality and materiality of the research discussed in the works. The authors demonstrated that various domestic materials can be used to manufacture cosmetic products, including those initial materials that are considered consumer waste from other products.

All the papers provide interesting data concerning current issues that can be used for strategic planning of businesses and other market actors, while remaining important in the evolution of management and quality.


Agnieszka Rybowska

Published: 2024-06-28
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