The Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University (SJ GMU) is an interdisciplinary periodical  published continuously for almost 50 years, presenting the genuine results of empirical and theoretical research. The Journal belongs to a group of magazines covering the area of research in science, nature and engineering.

The first issue of the Journal was published in October 1975 under the name of Scientific Book of the Gdynia Maritime Academy and was given the ISSN 0324-8887.

Since 2002, after the university has been renamed from Merchant Marine Academy to Gdynia Maritime Academy, the journal is published under the name of Zeszyty Naukowe Akademii Morskiej w Gdyni with ISSN 1644-1818.

In 2016, the  online ISSN 2451-2486 was also given.

In 2018 the University was again renamed to Gdynia Maritime University. As a result, the name of the journal was changed to 'Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University,' and it began to operate exclusively in the English language to emphasize the international scope of the publication. Its printed version has new ISSN 2657-5841 and online version - ISSN 2657-6988.

In 2023 the new Journal's  website was launched (sjgmu.umg.edu.pl) due to the transition to the OJS (Open Journal Systems) platform. OJS is an open-source system for journal management and publishing that has been developed by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP). This migration represents a significant step forward in improving the accessibility and efficiency of publication process.

The old version is still accessible at sj.umg.edu.pl.