Simulation of Foundation Fieldbus Manchester Coded 31.25 kbps H1 Bus Using MATLAB and Simulink




Foundation Fieldbus, Manchester Coding, Kalman Filter, Trapezoidal Waveform, SIMULINK, MATLAB


The purpose of this article is to provide an understanding of possible techniques through which a H1 31.25 kbps Foundation Fieldbus Manchester coded signal can be modulated or demodulated. This understanding will be rendered through MATLAB and SIMULINK models, simulating both ideal and practical as well as noiseless and noisy conditions during the modulation/demodulation process. The simulation models will differentiate between the modulation methods adopted to generate ideal rectangular as well as practical trapezoidal waveforms for the Manchester coded signal. The analysis of the simulation results will describe the mechanisms through which distortion induced by additive white Gaussian noise can be eliminated during the demodulation process either by using recursive filters, such as a Kalman filter, or by calculating wave energy levels in specific time intervals.


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Abotaleb, M., Mindykowski, J., Dudojć, B., & Maśnicki, R. (2022). Simulation of Foundation Fieldbus Manchester Coded 31.25 kbps H1 Bus Using MATLAB and Simulink. Scientific Journal of Gdynia Maritime University, (123), 18–31.